Small Group Personal Training

Semi-private training provides the intensity, focus, and instruction with the added benefits of motivation from pier and less cost per session. Sessions are planned by trainer to provide comprehensive fitness training utilizing evidence-based exercise progressions. Groups can be all men, all women, or mixed. We will aid in organizing interested individuals in groups. Optimal increases can be seen in core stability, total body strength, flexibility, and endurance. Sessions available as singles and in discounted packages of 12 and 24.

Groups are comprised of 2 to 6 people who can form themselves or can be organized by us. An affordable way for people to get more professional training during the week. Workout formats include traditional resistance training, suspension training, kickboxing, yoga, and more. Functional flexibility, core stability, strength, power, and quickness are all part of each training session. The quality of instruction in a small-group training session is far beyond that seen in an aerobics class as the trainer closely monitors every movement rather than a group fitness instructor who makes occasional passes by you side of the room.