Health and Fitness Psychology

We all know how important diet and exercise are and how many people make (and break) their New Year's Resolutions to "Lose Weight" or "Get in Shape." As Americans, we are all getting bigger and bigger, and The Journal of the American Medical Association says that over one third of adults and 17% of children and teenagers are now obese, and some doctors predict that that number may rise to 75% in the next few years. Many of us have tried to get healthier on our own, but still keep buying bigger and bigger clothes as we grow older. We all have a range of excuses that prevent us from reaching our goals to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. This is where Health and Fitness Psychology can help you reverse that trend!

We can help by using proven methods to identify and overcome the roadblocks that interfere with your goals, and by identifying and focusing on your strengths. Through group or individual programs, you will learn specific skills such as stress management, goal planning, charting success, improving focus, and learning to talk yourself through challenges to your fitness goals. You will learn how Mental Skills Training is the secret ingredient to enhance Physical Training success.