Manage Metabolic Testing Understanding your metabolism and bioenergetics are the keys to weight management We perform metabolic assessments on clients using Korr Medical's CardioCoach to determine their resting metabolic rate (also known as basal metabolic rate). Many people who struggle to achieve their desired weight or body mass believe that it is their low or high metabolisms that prevent their success. In most cases, the problem is that they just don’t know what their metabolic rate is or how to maintain and capitalize on it! Everything we do from exercise to eating and sleeping should be gearing toward maximizing our metabolic capacity to achieve any goal.

We utilize a method called indirect calorimetry which captures the amount of oxygen your body utilizes from the air you breathe and converts the measurement into calories. It is considered "indirect" because the actual measure of a calorie is the amount of energy needed to heat one gram of water by one degree Celsius.

When your body uses (oxidizes) nutrients for energy to continue living heat is produced and emitted. The amount of heat generated is directly proportionate to the amount of oxygen used by the cells as energy is used. The CardioCoach captures this volume of oxygen. The number the the machine calculates represents the number of kilocalories that your body burns every 24 hours.