Nutrition Counselling with R.D.

The body is a metabolic machine. The machine is never off. While at rest, it still expends calories (resting metabolic rate). When we do anything over and above resting we burn extra calories. Our organs draw the majority (about 60%) of daily expended calories and blood supply, including the heart, liver, kidneys, and brain. When we exercise the balance shifts to the muscles and the total demand increases dramatically. However, we cannot out exercise bad eating. Eating is the only way our bodies can get the nutrients it needs to train and then recover properly to receive all of the subsequent benefits.

Too often people exercise very hard and do not supply the right support through food. In some cases people do not know what foods contain the nutrients they need while in other cases they just have bad eating habits despite knowing what better choices might be. Beyond knowledge, organizing one’s self to make time to purchase, prepare, and consume the right foods is a challenge for everyone. Working with a Registered Dietitian can provide insight from start to finish. Starting with an overview of current diet, lifestyle, and goals, the R.D. can show a client how to shop, read labels, understand nutrients and their purposes, gauge serving sizes, and provide timing and preparation strategies. Rather than spending countless hours in the gym with little to show for it, workouts start to produce results just because the body’s ability to change is enabled.

Contact us today to schedule your initial session. Sessions can be done individually or as part of a package. Package options include a one-time introductory package of 3 and a 10-session consultation plan.