Fat Loss Plans

Metabolic Measurement and Nutrition

In order to decrease the fat on your body, you must change the ratio of fat to lean mass. This means that without increasing muscle mass on your frame, your fat loss will be greatly impaired. Muscles are the largest energy consumers in the body when they are being used, so the goal is to build them and then use them!

But not so fast! Building them means that you have to use weights, right? Well, that is only part of the equation. First, you must do resistance training with the right mix of exercises and resistance to get the response from your body that you want. Secondly, if you body is respond to your workouts the way you intended, it will again need the volume and mix of nutrients. This means providing the right fuels to drive you through a strong workout, and supplying the needed energy and building blocks to make you better than before. The end result is more energy-burning muscles that, when used, become the fat burning center of your machine.

So how do I train to make that happen? And how much food do you need to eat and what are the best foods to speed up your results? You’ll get all of that from our system. We start by doing a metabolic assessment followed by consultation and nutritional (macronutrient and caloric) recommendations. Then we commence training beginning with a thorough posture, movement, and fitness assessment. Then we use the information gained to develop a training plan that will give you control of your body like you have never had before. Watch your fitness improve in every area while the fat on your body burns away, leaving you with the lean body you want. We monitor progress using a tape measure and body fat calipers. These are the real markers on fat loss and permanent change.

If you are ready to make your body change, we are ready for you. Typically, dramatic results are seen in 8-12 weeks.