One on One Personal Training

Our premier service. Private training beginning with thorough assessment of fitness and health history. Fitness training takes clients through an evidence-based exercise progression to achieve optimal increases in core stability, total body strength, flexibility, and endurance. Sessions available as singles and in discounted packages of 12 and 24.

We take clients through a training experience unlike what they are accustomed to. Specific mechanical obstacles to proper movement must be addressed with corrective exercises and functional flexibility and training. The core must be trained to provide the stability required to do more challenging exercises. Strength exercises must be properly selected and then progressed to make improvements in performance and leanness. Power and quickness training are the means to transferring new-found strength into any life or athletic situation. Proper endurance training is about training your aerobic capacity to increase, not increasing the amount of time you have to exercise. Putting these together, you will maximize the calories expended during each workout and beyond.