Sports and Performance Psychology

For everyone from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete, physical ability is only half of the story of success—the rest is the Mental Game. How many times have you been beaten by a weaker opponent or lacked the focus to close out a game in your chosen sport? Sports training and competition can be an emotional rollercoaster fraught with obstacles such as performance plateaus, physical injuries, and failures of mental toughness. For this reason, nearly all professional athletes now include a Mental Skills component in their training regimens. If it is important for the pros, what about the rest of us?

All athletes face mental obstacles, and there are proven methods for overcoming them, regardless of your particular sport, age or level of competition. Mental Skills Training provides an individualized approach to identifying and combatting the obstacles to your own peak performance level. An initial assessment is followed by training in areas such as goal setting, stress management, motivation, visualization, improving self-confidence, positive self-talk, pregame preparation and establishing a positive approach to the inevitable mistakes all athletes make in competitive events. And, in the case of injury, we can help you weather the emotional storm and be ready for action when your physical healing is complete.