So, how do you increase VO2?

At Fitness RxPerts we measure VO2 at specific points and the corresponding heart rates. Using a machine called the CardioCoach we perform an exercise test where we measure how much oxygen your body is utilizing at four points:

  1. At the outset of the test
  2. At your aerobic threshold
    where oxygen-requiring energy uptake begins to override the initial activity of stored sugar utilization
  3. At your anaerobic threshold
    where oxygen utilization is peaked and your body begins to increase energy metabolism from stored sugar to meet the intense demands of the exercise
  4. At your peak output
    where your body is maxed out in metabolism from fat and sugar sources (aerobic and anaerobic)

Increasing VO2

While measuring your VO2 we monitor where your heart rate is at each increment along the gradual climb toward your peak effort. We then can determine your heart rate as you reach your current aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and develop a specific exercise prescription based on those results. so that you can monitor your body’s heart rate response to your training. This will enable you to achieve your goals of:

  • Increasing cardiovascular endurance
  • Decreasing body fat/weight
  • Increase calories burned per workout
  • Improve speed/athletic performance
  • Ability to do more challenging workouts